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Overloaded Big Rig Trucks Cause Devastating Trucking Accidents

Mar 21, 2014 | Under Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death Accidents | Posted by | 0 Comments

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has established guidelines to protect the public from shifting and falling cargo in large trucks. There are thousands of 18-wheelers, big rigs, semi-trucks, and other cargo trucks that drive through Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and across the State of Florida every day. These trucks carry a variety of cargo, from livestock and organic produce to gravel and landscaping equipment. No matter what type of cargo a truck is carrying—the cargo must be properly secured in order to avoid serious trucking accidents.

Cargo Must be Properly Secured:
Trucking companies may load their own trucks and containers, or they may subcontract the job to loading companies. According to the FMSCA,

  • Tie down assemblies include chains, wire rope, steel strapping, synthetic webbing and cordage
  • The cargo must be properly secured and within the manufacturer’s ratings
  • They must bear “deceleration in the forward, rearward and lateral direction…”

If your car or truck was struck by cargo while you were driving, there may be multiple parties responsible for your accident. The trucking company, the cargo loading company and the truck driver may all share some of the responsibility for your crash. As such, it is advisable to consult with a Miami trucking accident attorney immediately to review all of your legal options.

Improperly Loaded, Overweight Trucks Flip Over and Jackknife
In addition to spilling dangerous cargo on the road when driving, an improperly or overloaded truck is a dangerous vehicle on the road. When a truck is improperly loaded and off-balance, the cargo may shift around within the truck. This may cause the truck to jackknife on its side, resulting in highway accidents and even pileups.

Compensation for Your Injuries:
Your Miami trucking accident attorney will review your case and investigate all angles of your accident to determine liability. It is important to preserve your rights to compensation for injuries, lost income, property damage and more caused by commercial trucking negligence from overloaded and improperly loaded trucks.

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