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Malpractice Lawsuits are Rarely About Compensation

Jul 23, 2014 | Under Medical Malpractice | Posted by | 0 Comments
Medical Malpractice Lawyer Miami

When a patient is injured through the negligence of a doctor or healthcare provider, they may seek to file a Miami medical malpractice lawsuit. Yet the majority of these lawsuits are filed for more important reasons than seeking compensation. In fact, most of them go well beyond monetary awards and seek to right a wrong that has been done and hold the provider accountable. In addition, many Miami medical malpractice victims wish to prevent future harm to patients by setting a standard and shining a light on the malpractice that has occurred.

Unfortunately, even though many patients do not wish to file a lawsuit, they are often left with little other choices. Filing a formal complaint with a governing medical board often results in little to no action. Research has shown that peer review boards often do not penalize doctors accused of medical malpractice properly—and many are simply sent home with a mere slap on the wrist.

Unfortunately, medical malpractice is a serious problem in the United States and accounts for nearly 100,000 deaths and an additional 300,000 injuries each and every year. A medical malpractice lawsuit can shine a negative light on negligent physicians, their practices, and the hospitals they work for. This negative publicity often brings about swift change and reform. In fact, litigation is possibly the best motivating factor for healthcare improvements and our current standards of care.

For the parents of an injured child or for the family of a patient that was killed tragically in the operating room, filing a lawsuit is not about money. After all, no amount of compensation could ever right the wrongs that have been done to them. Yet medical malpractice lawsuits allow grieving families and injured patients the opportunity to hold negligent providers accountable and ensure that other families do not have to endure unnecessary pain and suffering.

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