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Dog attacks, and subsequent dog bite injuries, represent some of the most horrific personal injury claims in Miami-Dade County and throughout our South Florida community. Our expert dog bite attorney in North Miami Beach, Mr. Victor Dante, works with clients who themselves have sustained a serious dog bite injury. However, the families of young children attacked without provocation are the most rewarding dog bite law suits aggressively handled by him and his Full-service North Miami Beach Accident and Serious Injury Law Firm located in the heart of North Miami Beach, Florida.

Important Dog Bite Personal Injury and Attack Facts:

  • Out of the almost five million people bitten by dogs every year in the United States, close to 900,000 of these dog bite injuries require medical attention. Nearly 400,000 of those attacked and personally injured by dogs are serious injury cases.
  • Although most dog attack or dog bite injury cases involve an attack by one’s own “family” dog, the increasing number of dogs as domestic family members sees the second group, the “neighborhood” canine, approximately causing the second largest number of dog bite personal injury claims in Miami and throughout the United States.
  • Families living with two or more dogs are five times more likely to be attacked< or bitten by a dog than those without dogs at home.
  • In warm climates where dogs freely roam back yards, e.g. Miami, North Miami Beach, Aventura, FL, and so on, men are bit more frequently than women.
  • Various Miami-Dade County dog bite injury studies find among all ages of children, the rate of dog bite injury or “accidents” are highest for children in South Florida between five (5) years of age and nine (9) years of age.
  • It may seem obvious that children suffering personal injury due to Dog Bites are more likely to require medical attention than adults.
  • In the U.S.A., and likewise, throughout Miami-Dade County, Florida, the most frequent dog bite attack victims, in order of frequency and serious injury includes:
    1. Children
    2. The elderly
    3. Postal Service Carriers
  • In North Miami Beach, one recent study by the NHSTA reports that dog bite victims account for as much as 5% of all emergency room visits in the United States.

The State of Florida has a strict liability dog bite statute that states, “… [a Miami dog owner] is liable for [money] damages [due to a dog bite] inflicted by his or her dog that bites a person who is either in a public place or lawfully on the dog owner’s property.” Florida Statute 767.04. The canine owner is strictly liable, regardless of whether or not the dog has vicious tendencies. In other words, even if the dog has never attacked a person in the past, even if the owner of the dog had no “scienter”, that is, the owner had no knowledge or any reason to believe their dog had a “propensity for violence”, the dog owner is still liable to one sustaining a dog attack injury in Miami and all of Florida. Currently, under Florida civil law, there is no such “one free bite” exception. In essence, the dog’s owner is an insurer of the dog. If a stray dog bites you, you have little legal recourse because you must file your claim against a dog’s owner or keeper. Your municipality is not responsible for the dog, even if you have called animal control several times to pick up the stray.

In all Miami dog bite law suits, it is crucial that certain measures be taken immediately:

  1. File a personal injury claim or dog bite injury case in Miami within the Statute of Limitations;
  2. Preserve evidence of the dog or animal attack in Metro-Dade, FL;
  3. Investigate the dog bite personal injury at issue; and
  4. Set up appointments to enable physicians or other South Florida expert witnesses to thoroughly evaluate any personal injuries caused by one’s dog or other animal under their dominion and control.

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The Law Offices of Victor Dante, Miami Serious Accident and Injury Attorneys, will tell you if you have a viable North Miami dog bite case. However, once this top Injury Law Firm in North Miami Beach decides your MIAMI PERSONAL INJURY CASE has merit, has value, and they can help you and your family, you DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOUR CASE IS WON OR IT IS PROPERLY NEGOTIATED AND SETTLED. In other words, our experienced and skilled dog bite injury lawyers only collect if a monetary judgment is awarded. Call Mr. Dante of now as you may have a valid claim entitling you and your family to compensation for your personal injuries. Remember, a lawsuit must be file before the statue of limitations expires.

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