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Car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accidents caused by someone else’s negligence can cause permanent physical, and emotional injuries. Call to speak with a lawyer now, I want to be your attorney.

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Mr. Victor Dante is a car accident lawyer in North Miami Beach with extensive experience representing people that have been injured in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. Mr. Dante and his personal injury staff will give your case the personal attention it deserves and vigorously handle your case so that you recover the maximum amount of compensation.

Florida laws provide relief to victims who are involved in all types of motor vehicle accidents. Our law firm has been representing car accident victims throughout the state of Florida for over 25 years. Let the Law Offices of Victor Dante, PA, handle your case, and preserve your legal rights. We will work hard to make sure that you or your loved ones are justly compensated for injuries sustained.

What Type of Car Accident Did You Have?

Thousands of car accidents occur each and every year. At the Law Offices of Victor Dante, our North Miami Beach car accident attorneys are experienced in handling a variety of car accident injury cases in North Miami Beach, including:

What Type of Injuries Did You Suffer as a Result of Your Car Accident?

Accidents can cause injuries to your back, neck, spine, head, as well as to your extremities. These injuries can directly affect your quality of life, short term and long term. Other injuries could result in paralysis, or even worse—death. More serious car accidents will result in more serious injuries, including:

Let Us Answer All Your Car Accident Questions and Concerns!

Most likely when you suffer a car accident, you will be in extreme shock and overwhelmed by the actual circumstances of the accident. Chances are, you are stuck in the middle of the road, concerned about the property damage to your vehicle, and worried about how you are going to get home or to work. Once the initial shock wears off, you may then be overwhelmed by worries about how you are going to repair your vehicle, treat your injuries, or pay for your medical bills. During this time it is natural to realize that you have more questions than answers.

At the Law Offices of Victor Dante, we realize that you need answers to your questions. As such, we work diligently to find the answers to those questions and help you recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries and for the damages that have occurred.

Hire a Miami Car Accident Lawyer that Fights for you, the Victim and not the Insurance Company!

Insurance companies and insurance adjusters are not out for your best interest and are employed to prevent the companies that they work for from spending money. Their motto is to deny; don’t pay and defend. They will attempt to contact you shortly after the accident to obtain information regarding your accident, in most all cases the contact will be recorded. The information that they seek to collect will be used to build their file.

Do NOT Speak to an insurance adjuster without first speaking to an experienced North Miami Beach car accident attorney. Even simple answers can be twisted to reduce your claim. They may use your previous medical history to claim that you had a preexisting medical condition—thus your claim will be reduced. They may claim that your injuries are not as severe as they are—thus your claim will be reduced. Recognize a pattern? The goal of these phone calls is to obtain the evidence they need to justify offering you a low-ball settlement.

Take these steps after a Car Accident!

If you are seriously injured call 911 and get treatment.

  1. Do not move or allow the vehicles to be moved, unless you are blocking traffic or your safety is endangered.
  2. Call the local police department or Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and report the accident to the authorities.
  3. Make sure that you get the name of the person driving the vehicle, their license plate number, and their insurance information. Document as much as you can at the scene, take photos if you are able.
  4. Make sure that if there are witnesses to the accident, that you obtain their information. Their testimony will assist you in proving that you were not at fault for the accident.
  5. Seek medical treatment after the accident. Even if you are not seriously injured, it is best to be seen by a qualified medical professional. Some soft tissue injuries and brain injuries do not show up for several hours –even days after a crash. Your medical records will help your attorney establish the severity of your injuries. Be sure to take pictures of all injuries, such as bruises, broken bones, lacerations etc.
  6. Call an experienced North Miami Beach car accident attorney as soon as possible and BEFORE you speak to an insurance adjuster.
  7. Get several quotes for repairing the damage to your vehicle.
  8. Keep all receipts and document all expenses that you pay relating to the car accident. This includes over-the-counter medications, bandages, and even co-pays to the doctor’s office.

Our Law Firm knows how to help you repair the damage to your vehicle, obtain a rental car, and find medical treatment for your injuries—and we do so by making sure that all your out-of-pocket expenses and medical bills are paid for. We don’t want you to get stuck with any bills after an accident—and we see to it that the at-fault person or company is held completely responsible for their actions.


If you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident in North Miami Beach, Aventura, North Miami, Miami Gardens, Opa-Locka or Hallandale Beach, you need an experienced car accident lawyer on your side. Contact the Law Offices of Victor Dante to learn more about all of your legal options.


The laws and statues that govern Florida, protect the rights of people who are injured or wrongfully die due to the negligence of another and allow for just compensation.


The court system at all levels guarantees that everyone gets due process and an opportunity to be heard, in an impartial and fair setting.


There are rules that dictate how civil procedure is to be conducted and evidence is to introduced. Lawyers and the courts are governed and strictly abide by these rules, If they do not there is an appellate review process in place.

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